Shortly About Us, More Bio


Amazing Blue Gurus are five friends. We have played together for a long time. It's a tigth unit and it shows in our music and perfomances. There is a special almost organic connection that you get , when you've played together nigth after night. When you sense that something is in the air. You just meet the eyes of the others, and you know..... It's sheer joy and happiness, and nothing is impossible.



Yes, we started our musical journey together a long time ago. Playing mostly covers, blues, rock' n roll, hard rock and more. We have played all kind of places and events. Good nights and terrible ones too. You know what it can be like. Nobody knows you , and nobody cares. It doesn't matter how good you are, or how much you give. Your frustrated, knowing how much work you've put in to your act. And you got all these hours of work and travel to do afterwards...






But still, this is what creates a true rock band. You share experiences , both good and bad. And we have truly learned to appriciate all these good moments. Nights when there is no separation between musician and listener. Thats what its all about, two- way communication.


Now we are the Amazing Blue Gurus, because we want to do more than just play great music, made by others. We want to express ourself. Use all our experience both in our music and our lyrics. There is so many songs to be written, recorded and played live. And we have just only begun our exploration, of our capacities and creativity.


We do this first and foremost to satisfy our own desiree. But these words are primarely written, because we want you to be a part of our story. Maybe just for a while, or hopefully for a long, long time. The way true friendship lasts. Respect and honesty is what such a friendship is made out of.


And that is what Amazing Blue Gurus is all about.